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Perlato Di Sicilia

Perlato Di Sicilia marble

Tipology: marble

Origin: Italy


Perlato Di Sicilia is a beautiful Italian marble quarried in the western region of Sicily. Composed of shell rock, it has a light ivory background with a darker and lighter tone variation and pure calcite spots for an overall pearly appearance. The yellow-brown veins derive from the clay minerals and iron oxides concentrated into the stone,while the brown spots are due to the prosence of microfossils.Very elegant marble, is ideal to decorate with style interior design projects. It can also be used for outdoor projects.

* Name: Perlato Di Sicilia
* Type of material: marble
* Origin: Italy
* Colour: beige
* Applications: floor tiles, claddings, kitchen and bathroom vanity tops
* Finishing: polished, honed, brushed, sandblasted, bushhammered, waterjet brushed and flamed.

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