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Marmi Orobici Graniti S.p.A.

Marmi Orobici Graniti S.p.a
was founded in 1968 by Giuseppe Carnevale and immediately became a dynamic firm which has maintained continuous growth.
Its main activity is the production and sale of granite, marble and onyx slabs.

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In the last 10 years the company's increasing spirit and level of growth has been determined by the constant ambition to keep up with ever changing client requirements and fashions, as well as the ability to satisfy the more and more frenetic market requests.
This is clearly visible and expressed through continuous investment in the most sophisticated technologies as well as qualified staff with a wealth of experience.

The result is the consistently high quality of granite, marble and onyx that Marmi Orobici Graniti S.p.a continues to offer to all its customers.

Marmi Orobici Graniti spaThe past and recent history of Marmi Orobici Graniti S.p.a shows great the intuition and devotion of its founders; the company continues to be dedicated to thorough research and continuous investment. Our philosophy for the coming century is to position and maintain Marmi Orobici Graniti spa as a supplier of international repute by operating with great success throughout the USA, Europe and the Italian market.

Marmi Orobici Graniti s.p.a: granites - onyxes - marbles - travertines - limestones - slates. Contact us!

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