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Silver Stream

Silver Stream is an Iranian marble with a gray background. It is ideal for interior projects.

Silk Georgette

Silk Georget is a cinese marble with a beige background. This is ideal for indoor decoration projects.

Calacatta Monet

Calacatta Monet is an Italian marble with a white background and important green veins. It is ideal for interior and exterior projects.

Bianco Carrara Gioia

Bianco Carrara is probably the most famous marble: quarried in Toscana, its white background with grey veining is one of the favourites ever for indoor and outdoor projects with a classy and fancy touch.

Rain Forest Green

Rain Green Forest is an indian marble with a green background and brown veins. This is ideal for indoor and outdoor decoration projects.

Rain Forest Brown

Il Rain Brown Forest è un marmo indiano con fondo marroni e importanti venature scure. E’ l’ideale per progetti di interni ed esterni.


Marmo italiano dallo sfondo bianco marmoreo con venature dorate. Pregiato e ricercato, disponibile in qualsiasi finitura, il suo aspetto sofisticato ed elegante ne consente la perfetta coordinazione e applicazione in bagni, cucine ed altri progetti di interior design.


Bellissimo marmo dal fondo nero con ampie venature rosse. Adatto per decorare qualsiasi tipo di ambiente.

Bianco Carrara C Extra

Sofisticato e pregiato marmo italiano dallo sfondo bianco con leggere sfumature di colore grigio. Marmo dallo stile classico e moderno, che si presta perfettamente a qualsiasi tipo di utilizzo e decoro, sia in ambienti interni che esterni.

Breccia Damascata

Bellissimo marmo italiano dal fondo beige. Indicato per qualsiasi tipo di ambiente.

Ceppo Bianco

Marble characterized by a white background with grey veins. Ideal to decorate both indoor and outdoor environements.

Statuario soft vein

Beautiful pure white marble with fine grey veins. It is particularly suitable for ornamental and sculptural projects and for interior design luxury decorations.

Oyster Green

Bellissimo marmo africano, caratterizzato da uno sfondo di colore bianco con morbide sfumature di colore grigio e verde. Questa particolare struttura gli dona un aspetto molto elegante, disponibile in qualsiasi finitura, si presta perfettamente per arredare con stile qualsiasi tipo di ambiente sia interno che esterno.

Calacatta Maximum

Beautiful dolomite from Brazil. It is characterized by a white background and grey and black shades and veining. Its simple but elegant structure is ideal for any design project.


Brazilian dolomite, characterized by beige and white linear veinings. It is the perfect choice for any type of environements.

Golden White

A tuscan marble with white background and gold veins, sometimes with red parts. Extremely bold, it’s ideal for indoor decoration projects.

Calacatta Viola Vintage

Fine marble from Turkey. White/grey background with marked purple veins. Highly appreciated for its elegance this marble is perfectly suitable for any type of indoor decoration. Ideal for flooring, countertops, vanities and cladding.

Rosso Collemandina

Very compact and resistant italian marble. Characterized by an intense red color with lighter bold veins. Particularly versatile, all finishing suit it amazingly.

Invisible Brown

Interesting marble characterized by a brown background crossed by darker shades. This particular veined texture makes this marble ideal to decorate with uniqueness all types of envirenement.


Light color marble quarried in Europe. Very nice in honed finish.


Marble quarries in Turkey, with grey background and busy white vein. Ideal for indoor decoration.

Rosso Levanto

Antique marble, quarried in Italy. Characterized by a deep red background with large white veining. Already employed in the Ancient Rome, it is used for any type of environements.


Very artistic looking like marble, quarried in Morocco. Characterized by a grey background with orange spots and subtle veining. Particularly ideal for bold environements.


Elegant marble quarried in Italy. Characterized by neutral shades, lends itself well to any type of colour combination