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Blue Storm

Brown marble with blue and white veins quarried in Turkey, it is perfect for indoor decoration and flooring.

Blue Araras

Beautiful and charming medium-grained granite that stands out for the white background with brown and grey veins and large deep blue crystals. Quarried in brazil, is a unique looking granite that due to the resistant and durable structure is ideal for any type of projects, both indoors as well as outdoors.

Azul Aran

Precious granite quarried in Spain. Particularly interesting for its grey and blue texture. Very resistant, is also elegant and stylish at the same time. Used in any type of environements.

Atlantic Sky Blue

Asiatic granit with grey/blue-ish background and lighter veins, very elegant and impressive.

Pierre Blue

Antracite grey stone with blue shades, quarried in Europe. Very popular above all in antiqued finishes.

Blue in the Night

This african granite carries a dark background with shiny blue flakes. Strong and resistant, it gives a bold touch to any project.