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Calacatta Monet

Calacatta Monet is an Italian marble with a white background and important green veins. It is ideal for interior and exterior projects.

Oyster Green

Beautiful african marble, characterized by a white background with soft shades of grey and green. This particular pattern and veining gives this marble a very stylish look, available in any finishing, is perfecty suitable to decorate with style any type of indoor as well as outdoor.

Oyster Green

Bellissimo marmo africano, caratterizzato da uno sfondo di colore bianco con morbide sfumature di colore grigio e verde. Questa particolare struttura gli dona un aspetto molto elegante, disponibile in qualsiasi finitura, si presta perfettamente per arredare con stile qualsiasi tipo di ambiente sia interno che esterno.

Calacatta Da Vinci

Calacatta da Vinci is a white marble with even grain and green and grey veins, quarried in Brasil. Very bright, it is perfect for indoor decoration,

Pinta Verde

White marble with even grain and green veins, quarried in Brasil. Very bright, it is perfect for indoor decoration,

Mojito Marble

Stunning white marble with unexpected bright green veins, quarried in Africa: ideal to spice up the classic whiteness of marble.

Tempest Crystal

Beautiful exotic quartzite from brazil, with a white background and powerful grey, black and brown color shades and veins. Highly appreciated for its particular structure, available in any finishing, this quartzite is perfectly suitable for any type of indoor and outdoor decoration. Ideal for flooring, countertops, vanities and cladding.


Fantastic and durable brazilian mineral that belongs to the feldspars, coarse-grained granite that stands out for its unique colours ranging from light green to light blue. Particularly suitable for decorating with style and creativity indoor environments, can be used also outdoors.