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Bellissima quarzite esotica proveniente dal brasile, sfondo blu con importanti venature bianche, grigie e leggere venature aranciate. Apprezzata per la sua particolarità, questa quarzite viene utilizzato per pavimenti, rivestimenti ed ogni tipo di realizzazioni interne ed esterne.

Marine Blue

Fascinating quartzite with dark grey backgroud and orange veinings. Quarried in Brasil, it is particularly used to give a bold touch to any type of materials.


Very artistic looking like marble, quarried in Morocco. Characterized by a grey background with orange spots and subtle veining. Particularly ideal for bold environements.

Deep Blue

Brasilian unique granite, characterized by a deep blue background colour and orange striking bveining. Particularly used for both indoor and outdoor projects.


Beautiful exotic quartzite from brazil, with a brown background and powerful orange and brown veins. Highly appreciated for its particular structure, available in any finishing, this quartzite is perfectly suitable for any type of indoor and outdoor decoration. Ideal for flooring, countertops, vanities and cladding.

Foglia Seca

Brasilian granite with autumnal colors, perfect to warm any ambient with its rich brown and orange nuances.