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Sophisticated marble with a black background with large red veining. Used for any type of environement.

Ceppo di Sicilia

Elegant marble quarried in italy. Characterized by a grein pattern that varies in color from beige to light red and pink. It can be used to decorate indoor and outdoor environments.


Beautiful exotic quartzite of brazilian origin. It is very popular for its original colours, with a beige background and light pearly veins ranging from white to light brown to red. Is perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.


Marble with a super dramatic look, quarried in Italy. With its dark background with red areas and subtle white veins, it is ideal to decorate with stile and personality.


Exotic quartzite quarried in Brazil. Characterized by striking colours ranging from intense red, to light red with red and sometimes grey color veins. Its original and extravagant structure makes any project unique.


Brazilian grey marble enriched with red veins. Ideal for interior design decorations.

Breccia Orobica

Light grey marble with red veining, from northern Italy. The wild pattern of its veining makes it an outstanding material, creating beautiful suggestions, especially when slabs are installed book-matched. Thanks to its brilliance and shine, arabescato orobico is perfect for indoor use (flooring, walls, vanity tops, kitchen tops, stairs), but it can be perfectly suitable […]