Labradorite is a precious stone of Madagascar origin, much appreciated for its beauty and its intense color. The Marmi Orobici, a leading company in the field of marble and precious stones, offers a wide range of products in Labradorite, including slabs, floors and coatings for indoor and outdoor.

This stone, known for its ability to refract light and create kaleidoscopic light effects, is used in many applications, from interior decor to jewelry making. Its resistance to wear and water makes it ideal for use in outdoor environments, such as gardens and swimming pools.

The Marmi Orobici carefully selects only the best raw materials of Labradorite, ensuring the highest quality and excellent finish of its products. The company is also committed to meeting the needs of its customers, providing customized solutions and technical support for each project.

Choose the Labradorite della Marmi Orobici to give a touch of elegance and beauty to your home or business. With its extraordinary versatility and exceptional quality, this stone will guarantee you years of durability and satisfaction.

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Beautiful granite with rich shades of blue, green, black, turquoise, purple, gold and grey. Is one of the most incredible and unique stones in its kind. Quarried in Madagascar, thanks to its elegant and exclusive look it is ideal to decorate with luxury and style any type of environment.