Slate is a natural material from slate quarries in different countries of the world. In Italy, one of the leading companies in the processing and marketing of Ardesia is Marmi Orobici.

Slate is known for its resistance to water and fire, as well as for its aesthetic beauty. These characteristics make it an ideal material for the realization of interior and exterior coverings, flooring, tops for kitchens and bathrooms, tables and other furnishings.

Marmi Orobici offers a wide range of high quality slate products, ensuring a careful selection of raw materials and careful processing. In addition, the company offers customized services for installation, to ensure a perfect final result.

By choosing Marmi Orobici for your slate, you can be sure to have a durable and beautiful product, which will enrich your living or working space with elegance and style. Choose the Ardesia, choose Marmi Orobici.

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Ardesia Black

Black natural stone from Brazil. Very simple yet elegant, it is perfect especially to decorate outdoor environments.

Ardesia Multicolor

Quarried in Brasil, it is a particularly strong slate. It is ideal to decorate both indoor and outdoor environments.