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Have you ever thought about the harmonic sound of the ripples of the sea waves? With the advent of the new season we immediately thought about you: today our appointment takes us to the oceanic horizon to discover 4 materials with strong splendor: Lemurian, Black Diamond, Iceberg Blue and Nebel Gray.

Beautiful granite with rich shades of blue, green, black, turquoise, purple, gold and grey. Is one of the most incredible and unique stones in its kind. Quarried in Madagascar, thanks to its elegant and exclusive look it is ideal to decorate with luxury and style any type of environment.

Diamante Nero

340 x 195 x 2 cm
Available quantity: 0 Bundles

Nebel Grey

320 x 190 x 3 cm
Available quantity: 2 Bundles

Iceberg Blue

310 x 200 x 3 cm
Available quantity: 0 Bundles